Stuff I'm Thankful for this Year 2007

The year 2007 is about to end. Before it does, I wanna make sure I kick this list in. It's a list of things I'm thankful for that are mostly swimming-related.

I've been pursuing my interest in swimming the past few years and this year has seen some milestones. The milestones are not without their downsides and so I'm listing adding an unfortunate incident as well.

So the list of stuff I'm thankful for in 2007 are:

  • Learning the Eggbeater Kick. Yup. My entries, photos and videos certainly became this blog's magnet for visitors to come and peek into this wonderful technique that's difficult to master yet so easy to do.

  • Learning the Butterfly Stroke. And I thought I'd never do it because of my initial misgivings. But when I did, wow, what a real cool (and fast) stroke!

  • Recovery from my Left Sore Shoulder. This old beatup body's age is showing and so I'm so thankful for the physical therapy that get me through the bicipetal tendinitis. I'm still taking it easy and slow though and doing the stretches and exercises.

  • Getting my ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze). I thought I was on a roll with my Toastmasters speeches. I even had a Toastmasters Timing Lights Device built!

  • Finally documenting all my Toastmasters speeches online! Hey, see them here.

Of course there's the family who always have been there for me for my endeavors. And of course, my health.

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