Tips on the Fly

Here are some tips from Terry on the fly.

1. Land as softly as possible with hands just outside shoulders. Try to minimize splash on landing. Arms wide enough for chest to sink easily between them after landing.

2. Remain streamlined - arms extended but relaxed, head between shoulders, legs engaged but relaxed, even feet streamlined within the line of the lower leg - for just a moment longer than usual while you sink after landing. Feel a distinct sensation of restfulness. (We'd previously tuned up this "restful-streamline sensation" with Breast repeats. The moment of restfulness will be briefer in Fly, but it should be there nonetheless. Experiencing it first in Breast makes it easier to access in Fly.)

3. Feel the moment when the influence of buoyancy overcomes that of gravity and begins to return you to the surface. Time the catch to the moment when your head is just about to break the surface.

4. Focus on making the catch - the moment when the arm muscles "turn on" - as brief and as light as possible. That brief moment of catch, combined with the lift from buoyancy, should be sufficient to clear your mouth for the breath.

5. Keep chin in the water and nose pointing down during the breath.

6. Keep legs streamlined as you sink and lift again, but "soften" knees as you catch. Keep kick as compact and light as possible.

7. Use toe-flick to propel you forward on landing and to propel body back into streamline.

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