Meridian Stretching

I became fascinated with an American swimmer's (Dara Torres) training techniques which includes a lot of stretching. The lady's 40 years old and presently trains for the Beijing Olympics!

Stretching takes her 90 minutes with 2 people stretching her whole body. After my shoulder therapy with a physical therapist, I can appreciate the value of physical therapy stretching.

And so I'm trying to find out and learn more. Here's an interesting video on Resistive Stretching.

Here are some interesting stretches:

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I"m one of the ones that actually stretches can track what we do on:

there is a whole link dedicated to Dara's routine!

Blackdove said...

Cool! I'll check out the link. Too bad you didn't leave your name. I would've wanted to know you too and ask questions. I believe the stretch routines work and Dara is showing what they do for her.

Anonymous said...

Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra are working on Dara using the Meridian Flexibility System.