No Car and more Left Arm Sawing

I did some sawing today with my left arm and remarkably, the action didn't feel as awkward as before. Yup, I'm slowly getting into the groove sawing with the left arm.

And there was no soreness afterwards either, just the usual tiredness. The action also entails stepping on the timber with the opposite leg, the right leg.

Had there been more dry timber (been raining yesterday), I wouldn've sawn more. Here's Renz out in the rain yesterday and Sandra (with the hat) chasing him with the hose.

We had the car fixed yesterday for the radiator leak, engine oil leak and a host of other complaints. The soonest I could get it is Monday, so that means I'd need to take the shuttle bus if not commute.

Way back, I wrote out my reasons for using the car everyday in this entry. Well, since I don't and can't (for budget constraints) swim everyday anymore, I'm thinking of simply taking the shuttle or service bus in going to work.

  1. I'm not entertaining any inquiries to the apartment and so bringing the car isn't for this purpose anymore.
  2. I no longer swim everyday like I did in my previous pool. And the reason is it's cost prohibitive in the new pool.
  3. On days that I don't swim, I typically come in and go home at standard office hours. So no need to stay back at work and no need to come in earlier than usual.

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