Bilateral breathing feels so much faster

After the 2 kickboard drills, which was about 70% of my session today, I breathed on the left using normal freestyle. And then I also breathed bilaterally.

Wow, I felt like I was going so much faster. Or was that the after effect of previously going so slow with the kickboard drills? At any rate, I thought I was riding high on the water.

It felt good. There were still some awkward left breaths but that will eventually go away after more of the drills.

I think I'll be bringing the trusty kickboard on the weeks to come. The white sealant on the kickboard has been holding up so far. Gosh I'm so excited.

It's that excitement one feels when one gets into a milestone in a journey. I think I'll be more confident and efficient once I'll do it naturally and flawlessly. Something more to feel proud of.

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