Beat Up Kickboard

Today I put in white sealant on the cracks on the "family" kick board. I call it "family" because I never really used it as I generally disdain the use of pool toys.

So, it became a toy for the kids whenever we went swimming. And since it was made of styro foam it eventually had cracks and dents everywhere. This, after being tossed to who who knows where every time we bring it.

And now I'll be using for my left-side breathing drills so guess who'll fix it up? Not that I'm complaining.

Heck the markings are all faded already. I remember buying this kickboard for Php100 on our first ever swim lessons at Starland, Metropolis in 1996?

Update on Stretching
Quads and Hams Stretching. (Alternate the stretches with warm compress)
Hot compress on shoulder.
Stretch cords and light dumbbells.

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