Why Did You Marry Him or Her?

Without anything else to write (sorry, my swims are infrequent), this entry is about Sandra's homework in Religion. The question was to ask each of the parents, why did you marry mom/dad.

Here are DH's answers:
  1. "Dahil mahal ko siya" I thought the question was about qualities so this shouldn't have been in.
  2. "Matalino"
  3. "Masinop" Actually, this was her polite way of saying kuripot.
  4. "Magaling kumanta" But then she realized I wasn't singing when she met me, so she said to scratch it off.

Here are my answers:
  1. "Aba, sexy na, beauty pa!" DH couldn't help smirking on this one and I don't think the teacher would like that.
  2. "Magaling sa mga gawaing bahay: magluto, mamalengke, pagaasikaso." I had to qualify that statement by saying that she can be so self-reliant on many things.
  3. "Mapagaruga (caring/nurturing), maalalahanin (thoughtful), masipag, etc..." I could've gone on and on when she said "Tama na, napapaiyak na ako..."

And just the other night, Renz was especially talkative. I guessed he was tired, ready to sleep but was just yakking himself awake. :) Here's the tail-end of our conversation in bed:

Renz: Alam ko po kung bakit ako ang pinakabata sa mga magpi-pinsan!
Me: Ow? O, bakit pala?
Renz: Kasi po, late na nag-asawa si mama.
Me: Eh, bakit naman late na nag-asawa si mama mo?
Renz: Kasi po hinintay ka niya eh. (I'm already half-laughing at this point)
Me: Talaga? Bakit naman niya ako hinintay?
Renz: Kasi po mahal ka niya, eh? (and I thought he'd be saying "naghintay po siya ng pogi")

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