Toss the Kickboard

I brought the car and yup, I'm back at the pool today. Somehow, taking the service bus seemed a lot better. Maybe I've become so accustomed to it already - ya know, having your "own" driver with free time on the way to the office.

Anyway, I feel I could chuck kickboard soon. It's slowly becoming a crutch rather than an aid. I suppose it has served its purpose of helping me with the drills on left-side breathing.

And this is in aiding me to float more and not sink too much when I breath left.

I generally don't mind the kids that hang around the pool everytime I swim whether they're there for P.E. classses or whatnot. But the kids today were something else.

They were swearing and saying curse words like there's no tomorrow. I mean what's up with that? Even the girls do it. The shower water's cold, they swear.

The pool water's cold, they swear. Goodness. I wasn't raised that way and neither are my kids so it's simply disgusting to hear all that swearing.

Luckily my time at the pool is mostly underwater so I don't need to hear all that *&^%$#@! swearing.

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