T-shirt Day

Funny, today I was dressing up and I was wearing one of my boring usual office shirts. I said to myself "heck, why don't I just wear a t-shirt today."

And so I did and it felt liberating! You see, for so many years I don't ever recall wearing a t-shirt at the office. Heh.

But hey, today's Friday and it might as well be a dress-down day. And I suppose it goes well with my colorful backpack which was a school bag.

Sandra, my 5-grader was the last who used this bag. The bag has the markings 1996 and so it's much older than Sandra, actually.

Anyway, it's only the first month for this year 2008 and I'm already experiencing/ doing new stuff. Right. Out with old and in with the new! I mean habits, of course.

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