Bilateral Sawing

While the car's out for mega repairs, I took the opportunity to cut the remaining (some rotting) thick branches in the empty garage.

Some of them were 5 to 6 feet in length. But with the trusty 14 TPI hacksaw, I was ready. Here's a pic with some of the branches cut already.

I just took it easy with the sawing with plenty of rests in between. I even watched DVD's in between("We Are Marshall" and "Last King of Scotland").

I thought I lost a body part when I saw blood red color on a piece of bucked firewood. See the bolo (machete) on the background.

Turns out I managed to hack a few red berry-like thingies from a nearby plant. The berry juice splat onto a piece of wood. Whew! I did get a blister though on my right hand from all the chopping.

Here's the lot after 2 days. The rest of the bucked and chopped wood is now in the yellow hi-sol pails in the background.

As I become more ambidextrous on this sawing thing, I feel more balanced. Sawing with one arm requires the opposite leg to step on the lumber.

So if I saw with the right arm, the left leg steps on the lumber. If left, then the right leg does it. With the balanced sawing I now feel both my glutes (butt) sore.

I don't feel very tired on the right side of the body anymore. Now, I feel tired on BOTH sides of the body.

Djok Taym:

Renz: Papa, gusto ko po ng dog na Shi-tzu.
Me: Shi-tzu? Meron na tayong Shi-tzu!
Renz: Saan po?
Me: Aba, iyang si Snoopy, iyan ang original na Shi-tzu!
Renz: Hindi po, lola na po siya eh!

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