Body Pains all Over

It's been 3 days since our swimming last Sunday but I still feel like my bod has been hit by a truck! There's so much soreness EVERYWHERE.

Must be the my poor old aging body unable to recover as quickly as before. Well, in fairness, I've been out of the pool for almost 3 weeks already.

And last Sunday was so enjoyable that I gave demos of my graceful Butterfly stroke here and there, every now and then. It was DH and the kids' first time to see it.

So I suppose the body just had so much. Too much that I had to go to the clinic to complain my soreness and the feverish feeling (flu-like symptoms) I've been having especially at night.

Well, the doc didn't see anything wrong except for the elevated cholesterol in my records to which she prescribed Lipanthyl 160mg for 30 days.

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