First Experience at Blumen Resort

Although it rained very hard this morning, nothing was gonna stop us from going to Blumen resort at Paliparan crossing and GMA Cavite.

I first heard about this resort from Prince when he was scouting for an alternative to our pool that closed down. For a moment, I thought we would have overcast skies all day.

But when DH came (she went to work early) at 10:30am, the sun was out. I even had to recreate my map using the trusty Wikimapia.

Blumen Resort isn't hard to find. It's much farther than the Filinvest pool but it's convenient and driving's easy especially on a Sunday.

Entrance is at Php80 for adults and Php70 for kids. Cottage was at Php100. "Cottage" means a simple bench and table setup of corz.

There are rooms ranging from Php1,500 to Php2,500. That is still very very cheap. No wonder there were so many people later in the afternoon. Our cottage was quickly taken the moment we left.

There was already karaoke-singing when we got there and so there were quite a few there already. And we were right. I didn't see much of the rules/ guidelines posted at the gate but judging from the crowd's attire there, you could say it was swimsuit-optional.

Except for the men who were topless, you'd think everybody just dunked into the pool with whatever it was they were wearing on the way there.

Yup, it was a "let's-go-pay-entrance-and-dunk-into-the-pool" crowd. No need to change into a swimsuit or trunks. Why do I say that? Look at the pic below. Are those pajamas, or what?

Yup, they look like pajamas. She must've gone in the pool right out from bed. The kids, on the other hand are easy to spot.

They're the ones in swimsuits and swimcaps. But for the others, a woman's attire de rigueur is a bright colored t-shirt (or blouse!), presumably so you won't recognize the bra underneath.

But when you're wet in the water, your garments won't lie. You'll see the bra's outline, straps, even the rusty clasps. And then there's the bright colored shorts.

Of course, you'll also see their panties underneath. Swimcaps? Ugh, they never heard of 'em.

Forgive my long rant here but these are the same people who'd later complain how dirty the pool is - clumps of long hair floating, cloth fibers, buttons, hair pins or clips, etc.

So you can imagine the stares we got when the kids lathered themselves with sunscreen while donning swimsuits. Even if they wore shorts, it's always swimsuit material.

Luckily I brought an extra old pair of trunks that DH was able to wear over her swimsuit. I also gave away some of my never-been-used trunks to Che and Da because they were just too small for me.

Here's the gang having lunch. Lunch is a pork dish, some bread, pancit and lumpiang togue.

DH and I also spent a few minutes at the lap pool. It's 4 feet deep on both ends and 6 feet deep (yay!) at the middle. There's a sign that sez it's where the Blumen Orca swim team trains.

Umm, okay. Because of its depth, not many folks hang around in that pool.

Here's Sandra and Renz at the parasol of the kiddie pool.

There was an adult slide shown here in the background. And all four had their turns going up and down the slide.

Here are the 3 at the 4 ft deep pool. Yup, you could definitely say this is a swimsuit-optional resort. Another swimsuit-optional resort is nearby Medz Resort which is just across the main road.

It was the gang's first time to see me do the butterfly. Che even became curious and wanted to learn more. I suppose my demo turned out to be nice and graceful coz even DH did the dolphin kicks to at least try it out.

Rants aside, the kids, especially Renz enjoyed the resort very much. We'll be back for sure.

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Anonymous said...

do u have contact number of blumen resort?

Blackdove said...

Hi there! Unfortunately, no.
But it's easy enough to reach. From SLEX, take the Carmona exit (there are jeepneys that take you there from Alabang). From the exit, go straight ahead towards GMA or General Mariano Alvarez. After reaching GMA, there's a long steel bridge. Right after this bridge, the resort's sign is on the left side of the road. You won't miss it. Nearby is Medz resort, and is the one on the right side of the road.

Anonymous said...

Ilan po ang slide sa Blumen at sa Medz?

Blackdove said...

Hello. Yes there are slides at Blumen and Medz.
The slides at Blumen are mostly for kids. There is also a lap pool that's up to 6 feet deep in the middle.
Medz has more pools (has kiddie and adult slides), but it doesn't have a lap pool.
Both are okay. I suggest you try them both.

Anonymous said...

How many pools are there in Blumen compared to Medz?

Anonymous said...

What is a lap pool? :-/

Blackdove said...

I think there are 3 pools (different sizes) at Blumen and a lap pool. At Medz there are also 3 big pools. Sorry, I don't recall anymore, exactly.

A lap pool is rectangular in shape and has lanes for swimmers training for laps. I think Blumen is the training venue for the Blumen Orcas swim team.

Anonymous said...

Which do you prefer Blumen or Medz? :D Please choose only one.

Blackdove said...

If just for having fun (water slides), maybe Medz, because the facilites were newer then. But this was long ago, and Blumen may have renovated theirs.

Anonymous said...

hi.. im interested in joining toastmasters...what are the requirements? thanks.. edwin of gma, cavite

contact no. 09223334758

Blackdove said...

Hi Edwin. I suggest you come in to the club first as an observer, just to see how it goes. You may participate if you want. Then you can go from there. Use the contact form at

Anonymous said...

i just want to ask if they are offering private rooms? not the ordinary kubos. thanks!

Blackdove said...

Yes, they have private rooms. Please contact them for rates.

Anonymous said...

my contact b dtio sa blumen for caNvasing

Anonymous said...

contact number??>