The Magical Refrigerator

Ahhhhhh.... Time for a facelift. THIS blog's facelift, that is. Do you like the new layout and graphics? Thanx Lene, for the tip!

Occasionally (well, except for Karen who does it almost everyday), the kids would leave notes on the refrigerator on things they'd like to remind or some requests. Here's Karen's notes.

She'd have notes stuck to the door, the whiteboard, and even on the rice cooker. Rice cooker? Yeah, coz that's what DH will do first thing in the morning - cook rice.

Karen's notes are mostly on asking DH to wake her up early. This is purportedly to finish some schoolwork or fix up her school materials.

Che's and Sandra's notes mostly deal with school projects like request to prepare a potted plant, buy some kitchen ingredients for Home Economic subjects, sign some school forms, leave some money for a project or what not.

Well apparently, little 6 yo. Renz found that these requests are ALWAYS attended to. It seemed that anything you wish for and put on the ref, it gets granted!

Ahhh, it's just like a modern-day version of Alladin's lamp in the book. Well, not to be outdone and probably trying out his luck, this is what we saw this morning.

Corrected, it read as follows:
"Mama, bumili ka po ng Spiderwick (animation book). Kahit ano po, basta maganda."
And while he was at it, he added the following:
"Mama, bilhan mo po ako ng Vegi-Vegi Good na gummy (gummy candy)."

Uhmmm, I suppose he's expecting the magical ref to grant his wishes anytime soon.

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arGlene said...

The lay-out's nice, it's a pleasure Sir! :p

Renz is adorable!