Consultation with a Rheumatologist

I was at the rheumatologist today after being referred by the company doctor. This is for the right hip discomfort that I've been feeling for several months now.

I was number 5 in the queue but it seemed like eternity. I estimated each patient was in the doctor's room for 15 to 20 minutes!

And I discovered why. The doctor has tons of questions to ask. Is the pain in the whole leg? Is there needle-like sensation? Do you smoke? How much? How long? Do you drink? Dad and mom's history? Siblings history?

Have you pee'ed in your pants?(!) Walk on tip-toes. Walk on heels. Raise shirt to feel back. Lay on bed. Bend leg. Pull foot back towards butt. Push foot outwards. Sit. Hammer on knee, on ankle. How thick is your wallet? Etc. etc. etc.

Asked why all the questions, she answered she was just being thorough. Ummm, okay. I like thorough, Doc. And I didn't want to sound smart-alecky either!

Anyway, the diagnosis was muscle spasm. Seems like the sawing activities I did triggered the spasm.

My scoliosis just aggravates it much more and that's why I still have it. So the doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant Norgesic and plenty of warm compresses. That's 4 times a day: morning, lunch, late afternoon, and before sleeping.

I'm thankful. Well, it could've been worse. At least the warm compresses really help. The doctor assured the pain will eventually go away.

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