Manila Zoo

It was 2001 since we last visited the zoo. Renz wasn't around yet at that time. And so DH had this idea of going there again for Renz's turn.

I'm glad we went there early. There was ample space and I even managed to park under the tree shade.

Well, the usual regulars were there: elephant, zebras, tiger, etc. It's a lot nicer now at the Kinder Zoo coz they've got more animals to touch and even hold.

Plus, the Kinder Zoo didn't have the annoying ambulent vendors selling ice cream and toys. At the main zoo these vendors seemed to outnumber the animals! Paging Mayor Alfredo Lim!

In general though, we had a fun time. Renz and Dada could've ridden an ostrich hadn't they both chickened out. I kinda' look like Kuya Kim in some pics!

We left before lunch and the parking area was full by that time. Thank goodness for the parking attendants who directed the vehicles going in and out.

We had lunch at Jollibee (where else?) at Harrison Plaza. I don't think I've been to that place since college days and it has changed. We bought some books at Booksale and some videos.

Other pics:

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