Interpreting Poetry and Yay for Extra Joss!

Today, I was still having this mysterious headache that I seemed to have brought all the way from Nasugbu. I have several theories on what caused this and here are a few:
  1. I was just super tired with all the swimming I did. I guess I lost some of the conditioning I gained after I stopped swimming for a while.
  2. My neck muscles got the brunt of my heads-up breaststroke when I swam to the “payong-payong” rock formation and the soreness is creeping to my head.
  3. I missed my hypertension medication Pritor last Saturday.
  4. I ate something REALLY bad.
  5. My sinus got congested from the swimming.
I suppose it’s one of the above, a combination of the above, or all of the above. Whatever it was, heck, it only took a satchet of Extra Joss (original flavor) to make it disappear! And not only that, the sore right shoulder I had seemed to go away with it too! Hmmm.

TM District Convention is fast approaching on May 1 at Tagaytay. But I won’t be going due to a prior commitment. Speaking of Toastmasters, my speech last Thursday (Apr17) on Interpreting Poetry in the Interpretive Reading manual went smoothly.

It wasn’t as good as I expected though. Reading the speech material just makes me less animated, I suppose.

To see all my Toastmasters Speeches online click on here!

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