Swim Lessons 2008

This year, it’s no longer the Eric Buhain group (PROSCAP-Professional Swimming Coach Association of the Philippines) that gives swim lessons at Starland Resort Metropolis aka the Garden Resort.

It’s Bert Lozada now and for a hefty fee too – Php2,750. I remember when I had my basic lessons way back in 1996(?), it was just Php1,800 under PROSCAP.

I suppose the premium for insurance added much to the fee. But even with the higher price tag, DH seemed excited enrolling the two for the 2nd batch on the 8-9am slot. :)

Nobody had lessons last year coz of the huge traffic jams at Alabang with the flyover renovation. But with traffic easing a bit this year, Sandra and Renz (finally!) enrolled.

Sandra’s there for her Advanced lessons having taken swim lessons in 2006.

Sandra specifically requested lessons coz she said she wanted to learn Butterfly (great, Da!). Renz is taking the basic lessons (Jammers1) Tita Gay’s now taking the 2 for their swim lessons.

Tita Linda’s Michael is joining the two. DH and I managed to take them last May 2 and 3.

Early morning stretching. Sandra's the rightmost girl with the black/blue suit. Renz is the smallest boy.

Renz kicking with the kickboard

Renz doing the basic Dog Paddle

Sandra’s improving with the head position at Free

Actually, she’s swimming fast at both Free and Back.

She’s rod-thin and has good body position in the water. I’m impressed with her speed.

Short-axis breathing for the Breast and Fly strokes.

Breast stroke

Fly stroke

Standing dive at the deep end. Actually, it’s good that I watched them coz I learned some tips on doing simple sitting and standing dives.

Pancakes time!

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