More Swim Lessons 2008

After Sandra’s and Renz’s swim lessons, it’s now Karen’s and Che’s turns. I’m astonished at the turn of events coz I thought Karen wouldn’t even consider taking lessons.

She’s had some water phobias before and after much prodding, she agreed. The prodding of course included the fact that Renz has become better with swimming.

Of course, she didn’t want to be left out. And I suppose every time she’s left at home (Ate Che goes to review classes), she got bored and gave it some thought.

And good that she did! Not exactly good for my pockets though, but hey, getting better with this skill for me is ALWAYS worthwhile. Here’s Karen and Che for the morning stretches and warm-up.

Che doing the backstroke.

Coach Jackson scrutinizing Karen’s form in the backstroke

Che and Karen with some kicking drills.

The nice thing about the lessons setup is that Karen wasn't separated from Che. I was expecting that Karen would be left at basic lessons and Che at advanced.

Fortunately, Karen exerted her effort to learn and perform the drills to the delight of the coaches. And this made them put the two together in advanced. Good work, Karen!

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