Swim Graduation Rehearsals

Today was rehearsal day at Tribeca. Apparently the Lozada group wanted a nice graduation day so hired video/photographers to take some pics and footages of the swimmers. These will be collated for the video presentation on Saturday.

Here are some pics taken during the graduation rehearsals. Skies were overcast so that explains the dim pictures. Look, trees INSIDE the pool!

Sandra and Renz having fun during rehearsal break

Here’s the aquapark’s auditorium.

The shower rooms where each shower stall has its own changing area – not exactly a space saver, but it’s really convenient. There are outdoor showers as well. Towards the right are nice cottages.

There are even cots by the pool where you could just hop or roll into even if you’re wet. Draw the curtains for privacy. Behind are the new condominium units being built.

Well today was Graduation Day for Che, Karen, Sandra and Renz. All except Renz (Basic) were in the Advanced classes. The event was held at Tribeca. We were there at around 2pm to get our shirts and register. Here's them checking out the t-shirts and bags in the goodies bags.

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