Medz Resort

Like I promised the kids, we'll be enjoying swimming this summer and today we went to Medz Resort or is that Med's? We've already gone to Blumen Resort several weeks ago.

Right across Blumen is the Medz Resort which they said is better though more expensive - Php100 compared to Blumen's Php80. But if you ask me, both have their strong points.

Blumen is really for the serious swimmer who'd want to swim laps in their nice lap pool. Medz is for the "let's play horsey-horsey" non-swimmers which of course outnumber real swimmers.

It's got slides and falls and fancy stuff. The area also seems bigger.

Anyway, just after we parked, another Toyota Revo parked beside us. Surprise! It was Lydia and her daughter Malou who's my niece.

I didn't expect them to be there coz they lived in Caloocan (actually bordering Balintawak Quezon City where my aunts lived). After paying the fee, I was surprised to see the resort teeming with people.

The place was packed! This was only around 10am. We got ourselves a table and were lucky that there weren't any lasenggeros (alcohol drinkers) were we stayed.

We were luckier because the annoying rentable videoke machine was far from us. These really are the bane of resorts - alcohol and videoke.

What didn't escape us though are the smokers. Yah, "sana maaga kayong mamamatay". I only relished the idea that we won't be staying very long at the tables other than to eat.

So without wasting more time, we looked for our spots at the resort. Here are the girls by the falls.

Another thing that irks resort owners and lifeguards are what I call the "jumpers". These are the guys who do endless silly and stupid jumps or dives into the pool.

They get whistled at, but that's about it. Yeah, you probably think it's cool right?

The bad thing about them is that they could potentially hurt themselves and worse, hurt innocent bystanders (byswimmers?). I don't really mind and actually hope that they do hurt themselves.

Under the influence of alcohol though, they don't care much what they do or where they land on. I shudder the thought that someone swimming underwater would break his back because a jumper didn't see and hit him.

Not all spots at the resort was crowded by the way. Here's a nice spot that people avoid. Can you guess why? Well, look at the sign by the poolside.

It says 6 feet. That's enough depth for horsey-horsey "swimmers" to avoid it. And that's good news for me. So I stayed on this spot most of the time.

Lunch time. It was breezy where we stayed. There was even a Bahay Kubo in the background. The table was near the ihawan area. There weren't enough faucets though for the volume of people that came.

What did we have? Well, we had hotdogs, longanisa, adobong kangkong, salted eggs and tomatoes - simple fare but very good.

Towards the afternoon, the poolwater got dirtier. The water became murky gray even at the kids pool where plenty of non-swimmers congregated. And why not?

Just look at the typical attire below. Maong shorts? Blouse? Were you planning to go to the mall? Or the beach perhaps? Or did you sleep in these?

Lady, you're able to buy tons of cigarettes to support your vice, I'm sure you could at least buy a decent swimsuit. And the hair, ugh, you have it floating everywhere.

No wonder DH didn't stay much in the water. She watched Renz and posed below.

Here's a shot at the middle pools.

That's my niece Malou, her husband Mon and her mom Lydia. They stayed at Junjun's house in Cavite. Junjun's in London (previously Japan).

Yup, way way too many people that day. That's Dada in the blue swimsuit. The blue Speedo Enduro swimsuit looks good on her and this is the first time for her to use it.

Here's Renz enjoying the mini-slide so many times!

Around 3pm we grew tired of the crowd, the murky water, the smoking, and decided to pack up.

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danica said...

can i have the contact numbers of blumen and medz resort ty.