PCSO Lottomania!

I almost couldn’t believe it. I won in the 6/49 (Superlotto) and 6/45 (Megalotto) draws of PCSO in just a week! No not the jackpot, dummy. It’s just one of the minor prizes. I got 3 of the 6 numbers in BOTH draws correct.

So for both draws, I won a whopping grand total of Php140! That’s 100 pesos from 6/49 and 40 pesos from 6/45. Yup, it’s all balik-taya. I've already claimed the Php100. Anyway, who knows, I may hit it big one day.

Did you know that the National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal had “betting on the lottery” as his only vice? The guy even won the 2nd prize jackpot of 20,000 pesos which was divided among 3 gentlemen, him included.

For his share, he bought 16 hectares of land in Dapitan. There’s so much reference about this fact in the web. Here’s one. Here’s another. This is really interesting trivia on the National Hero.

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