First Lunch at the Rent House

Since it’s a Saturday, here’s our first lunch and yes, I’d say we’re pretty much settled in the rent house. I’d rather call it “rent house” coz “rented house” sounds as creepy like “haunted house”.

It doesn’t look cramp in the next pics coz we’re still expecting a few stuff - the big stuff, actually. Awaiting are the bookshelf, divider and the narra bed.

Some of the other stuff that are not likely to be used in the next six months were already transported to one of the units in the apartment (Unit D).

Renz is all smiles for this first lunch photo inside the rent house.

Here's another shot of the gang with me at the living room. That's supposed to be the dining area with a kitchen. I say kitchen because there used to be a kitchen sink behind DH. See that protruding pipe for a faucet?

Renz has become impatient and Karen is starting to give me “the look” coz they hungry and don’t want any more picture-taking.

Here’s one of the last stuff to go from our old house – the Powerpuff Girls Height Chart tacked on the right side of the bookshelf.

Karen has outgrown this height chart already since it is only 5 feet high. I remember the kids getting all excited whenever I took their height measurements. Well, except for Che, that is.

I’m rather melancholic as I write this. It’s been a while since I updated and there were times that I’ve forgotten about this blog. It’s like “does it even matter if I update the blog?”

Maybe it’s the moving… or maybe it’s the lack of comments on this blog. I don’t know. I certainly haven’t gotten any comments for a long time. So hey, if you’re a regular reader, just say something, anything, ok?

Go ahead, post your comment below!