Swimming at Dona Salud Resort

It’s Pansol swimming again, this time sponsored by the Calamba officemates.

I was there rather early coz I didn’t want to search for the place when it was already dark. These resorts in Laguna are notorious for lacking enough signs or maps even.

The resort is just past Cuyab. Slow down once you see the Halfway 2000 signs and the Villa Virneo. Click here for their website and below is the location map.

The get together was supposed to start at 6pm but people started coming in past 6:30pm. Being the early bird, I asked the help to setup the videoke and I started singing away.

Here's a shot of the swimming pool at the twin resort. But the pool we used had the same dimensions as this.

When the rest of the gang came at around 7:30pm, I hit the swimming pool. I forgot my goggles at home and was confident with the spare pair of goggles in my swim bag.

But even that too proved to be bad news coz the nose piece broke as I tried it on. Arrgh!

And so I had to content myself swimming without goggles. It wasn’t a pleasant experience of course having gotten used to seeing everything underwater while swimming.

After a while, even the lamp posts had this halo around the bulbs. It didn’t prevent me from doing all strokes though.

Yup, I had no shoulder pain to contend with and I had the entire pool to myself. It’s great that the Calamba folks took one of the bigger resorts.

There was plenty of singing at the videoke. Thank God I had my turn singing earlier on!

There was lots of food: breaded chicken, pork adobo with eggs, menudo, pinaputok na tilapia, inihaw na pork chop, chicharon, barbecue, red wine and more. The food was so much better eaten with our hands. And so I quickly disposed the utensils.

For dessert, we had 2 Red Ribbon Black Forest cakes.

Sans my goggles, it was still enjoyable. I was too full after eating that I didn’t go back to the pool anymore. I showered, waited for a few minutes for Tony and left at around 10pm.

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