Last Few Days at the Old House

DH and I are still staying at our old house as the countdown begins. The pic below is our last dinner at the house last Monday with everybody raising their barbecue sticks.

I caught the kids still awake as they spent their first night at the renthouse. We moved their TV set there first so they’d be motivated to “camp out”.

It’s Che and Karen who were a bit hesitant camping. But when we learned that they could get more TV channels at the renthouse, that made it easier.

It isn’t exactly Ritz Carlton, but it’ll have to do for the next 6 months or so. Outside, some of the big branches were felled by the owner’s stepmom and assistant last Sunday coz he thought it was a big hazard during typhoons.

We signed the lease contract last Saturday and gave the Php5k rent (1 month deposit, 1 month advance).

As of this writing, we’ve used up 35 boxes in the packing and moving and I’m sure at least half of that is something that we don’t need. Anyway, if there’s one thing that helped us in this moving “over the bakod” is my walkie-talkie radio.

Communication and passing stuff between our old house and the renthouse is so much easier. I'm at our old house in this picture. It's almost empty now.

DH and I were both on leave today, Wednesday, to move more stuff like the refrigerator, the divider and the dining table. We needed the divider to place the stereo compo, speakers, tv and dvd player.

So with everything in place now, the renthouse looks more homey. We had our first dinner at the renthouse today.

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