Oatmeal for Health

It’s been a week already since I’ve been eating oatmeal on a daily basis. And I think I don’t eat as much anymore in my regular meals coz of the feeling of fullness. Add to that is the many benefits I’ve read from the net like:

If you are suffering with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids or with some life threatening problems like colon cancer and coronary heart disease then chances are that the culprit is low fibre diet.

It has been proved scientifically that a fibre rich diet helps in lowering cholesterol. It has been confirmed that high fibre diet also helps in cases of diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Oats are highly nutritious and filled with cholesterol fighting soluble fibre. Like other grains oats do not lose their nutrients even after being hulled and processed.

Hmmm. That sounds REALLY good. Here’s another:
Oatmeal, or porridge if you live outside the US or Canada, play a major role in our modern diet yet few seem to know the true health benefits it gives.

Oatmeal provides two of the required three daily servings of whole grains required in a healthy and balanced diet and this alone should help convince you to use it. However there is an added bonus because oatmeal (porridge) is the only whole grain recognized by the US FDA to help reduce cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

There is also a school of thought that claims that by eating filling foods in the morning you actually suppress appetite later in the day and this makes oatmeal an ideal breakfast for weight-watchers.

Research clearly indicates:
People who eat breakfast, like a bowl of oatmeal for instance, tend to weigh less than those who skip it. Adults that eat cereals, cooked or cold, have a lower body mass index than those who eat a combinations of meat and eggs, or those who skip breakfast altogether.

Here are six benefits of oatmeal that you may not be aware of.
Most Pinoys are NOT regular oatmeal eaters so this definitely has potential in my diet.
And if you think you're limited to the usual flavors commercially available, you could even easily prepare some oatmeal with Asian flavors!

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