2nd Batch of Physical Therapy Sessions

Yesterday I got the doctor’s verdict that my right shoulder isn’t fully healed yet and so suggested another batch of 6 therapy sessions. I agreed, and why not?

Heck if I could make the most of my HMO card I would. My right shoulder just didn’t recover as well as my left shoulder did last year. The rehab doctor suspected torn fibers in the shoulder and suggested more strengthening exercises.

I proceeded to take my first session on the same day.

These therapy sessions are quite lengthy coz of the ultrasound and hot gel packs that need to be applied. And so I always bring along my trusty iPod, erm, mp3 player and I could listen to Chico and Delamar’s broadcast of the Morning Rush’s Top Ten for all waiting times.

These include waiting for the nurse to confirm with HMO, waiting for the hot pack session to end, waiting for the HMO form, etc.

I bought the above el cheapo mp3 player at Wellcome in SM Muntinlupa. I even had to fight to have the first unit replaced with the above coz the first unit conked out after 10 days and the staff were insisting it could only be replaced within 7 days. Damn.

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