Donation to Typhoon Frank Victims

After thinking over and over how to dispose of our old stuff (clothes and other clutter), an opportunity came up and that’s a donation drive at DH’s office.

This is for the victims of typhoon Frank that hit primarily the Visayas area. I’ve been waiting for a similar drive at our office but all we had was a book donation/ school supplies drive for an elementary school.

I’ve already brought some school supplies like pencil cases, bags, old rulers, sharpeners and erasers.

Anyway, back to the Typhoon Frank victims, last Friday afternoon, DH and I went to SCH to sort out our stuff there. This was right after the termite proofing at the construction.

I gotta admit, DH was much into this “bukas-palad” thing coz she gave away lots of her good clothes and sweaters (hardly used). We also managed to get some old books that I’m planning to give away.

I was busy packing the old clothes and stuff Saturday morning and it was just so good that it didn’t rain coz I was at the garage drying some old clothes that got somehow got wet. Some of the clothes were in sacks and the books and school stuff are in the left box below.

After sorting and laying the clothes carefully in our empty moving boxes (free from my office), I managed to fill up 2 large boxes and 1 larger box to the brim!

I didn’t count, but I estimate the 2 boxes in the front had 20 to 30 pieces of clothing each. The one at the back probly had 50 or more. We brought these to DH’s office Sunday morning before proceeding to Makati for mama’s birthday.

And where did we get all this junk? Believe it or not they are stuff that were stored “just in case”. These are clothes that didn’t fit, were out of style or were just too many of each – sweaters, for example Wow!

It looks like my lonely call to de-clutter our household is getting much headway. Two weeks ago, I labeled a couple of empty boxes with the sign below.

Well, it was supposed to instill in our heads the act of giving. The words come from the first line of the song, “Panalangin sa Pagiging Bukas Palad” (Prayer for Generosity).

It’s a beautiful church song. It might work for you to declutter the way it did for me.

Panalangin Sa Pagiging Bukas Palad

Bukas Palad Music Ministry
Words and Music by SJ Frs. T. Ofrasio, J Arboleda, M. Francisco

Panginoon, turuan Mo ako maging bukas-palad
Turuan Mo akong maglingkod sa Iyo
Na magbigay nang ayon sa nararapat
Na walang hinihintay mula sa 'Yo

Nang makibakang di inaalintana
Mga hirap na dinaranas
Sa tuwina'y magsumikap na hindi humahanap
Ng kapalit na kaginhawaan
Na 'di naghihintay kundi ang aking mabatid
Na ang loob Mo'y siyang sinusundan

Panginoon, turuan Mo ako maging bukas-palad
Turun Mo akong maglingkod sa Iyo
Na magbigay nang ayon sa nararapat
Na walang hinihintay mula sa 'Yo

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