Suffered a Bad Fall

Last Sunday, as we were about to unload our donation boxes to Typhoon Frank victims, I suffered a bad fall at the steps going to the visitor’s lobby. This was on the way down the steps.

Funny thing is I didn’t even feel I slipped. I think the tread of the steps was just too narrow and since it just rained, I slipped without even me knowing it.

I realized that after I fell on my butt, left palm and lower back. At least it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I’ve put several ice packs for two days and the bruising is mostly gone. DH has already alerted her office’s management about the accident. What a way to add more to my therapy, huh?

Anyway, on the therapy front, I just finished my 3rd session of the second batch and the therapist feels more confident this time. Here are the additional stretches and exercises we’re doing:

  • Shoulder rolls with 4-lb dumbbells.
  • External and internal rotation.
  • Uppercut with stretch band.
  • Stretch band arm pull for the posterior deltoid.
  • Lateral raises with transition at shoulder level.

I hope he’s right with his prediction.

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