Oatmeal and Oatbran

I posted an earlier entry on the benefits of oatmeal. Well, a few weeks after, I learned how satisfying oatmeal is that I sought other flavors.

I discovered that there are a few from Quaker Oats. There’s now Chicken Arroz Caldo, Chicken Mushroom Flavour and Fish and Onion Flavour. This is something I just learned recently coz we’re not really oatmeal eaters.

Now, I don’t have to eat as much rice coz it’s so filling. Hmmm, could this be a solution to the rice shortage?

However I don’t use these packets alone. They’re flavorful, yet a little too salty for my taste. The same goes with the “sweet” flavors.

They’re much too sugary for my taste. So, here’s what I do:

In a small drinking glass as shown below, I mix 1 part Oat Bran, 2 parts Oat Flavor (from the ready–to-eat packets) and 3 parts Instant Oatmeal. Just to add a bit more flavor, I add cinnamon for the “sweet” oats and pepper, chili powder or curry powder to the others.

I don’t even put the oats in containers. I just use food bag plastic clips like the ones below for easy handling. Some of these clips I bought, some are free. No plastic containers to keep or wash.

I've discovered a new flavorful way of preparing oatmeal! If you're tired of the usual, store-bought flavors, here's an easy-to-prepare alternative oatmeal preparation with Asian flavors.

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