Bay Windows Started

Today, DH and I looked at the structure and saw the bay windows have been started. The second storey slab was completely poured last Saturday and the upper walls are now being built. Here are the 2 front bay windows.

Here’s a view from the inside after climbing the rickety makeshift ladder.

DH and I were deliberating and debating on whether to divide the big room into just 2 small rooms so there’ll be 5 rooms in all. My contention was, eventually, the kids will all grow up and may want to have separate rooms. The girls deny this of course. They’d want to be together always. To me, the “girls’ room” concept seems cute – for now, that is.

Anyway, DH maintained that the bigger room gives the girls more possibilities. Well, after all that I realized that hey she has a point. Maybe we could put the ironing board in there too! Why not, they’re big girls now and I might as well pass on my weekend ironing chores to them.

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