Moving the Bathroom

After much discussion with the engineer last Saturday (architect is at the US for 3 weeks), we agreed on moving the bathroom from its proposed location in the plan to take space instead from the laundry area. This effectively creates a bigger space in the center of the house.

Here’s the part of the kitchen that will give way to the door for the new location of the ground floor bathroom.

Getting through the maze of structures and scaffoldings is a bit tricky as Renz found out.

Looking out from one of the bay windows. The bay windows were Che's idea and request. There are 3 in their room - the big room.

Photo-op at one of the bay windows.

A view from the second floor. You could see a part of the SLEX from here.

Here’s the big santol tree at the back of the house belonging to the neighbor. Will it pose a problem in the future? Don’t know, but we’re a good 4 meters from the back fence. And if properly trimmed, I don’t think it will.

Going down the makeshift ladder.

Over at the renthouse, Renz and I were looking at a caterpillar that looked so different. Here’s an alien-looking bug/caterpillar. It’s got a red head and 4 hairy blobs on its back.

Here’s a top view of the bug.

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