Beautiful Porto Laiya at San Juan Batangas

Yesterday all seven of us headed off to Porto Laiya for a “tripping” trip courtesy of Edna and Ate Belle. We left Jollibee Pacita at around 7:30am riding the Delica van driven by Edna’s husband Vic.

After a little over 2 hours, we reached the destination. The place was breathtaking!

Here’s the group alighting from the van. Karen hit her head going down the van while we all were too happy feeling the stretch after the long trip. The blue “structures” behind are shower and changing areas.

There’s a small beach cottage there and so we stayed there briefly to enjoy the breeze. Behind is one of a few houses (that looked very old) that were there to serve as shower areas as well.

The beach cottage had 4 tables and accommodated all of us including some other folks who were there for a “tripping” as well. The staff at Porto Laiya was warm and accommodating.

Well the kids lost no time and quickly donned their suits and goggles and went into the water with Tita Gay. See how clear the water is? This is one of the most beautiful beaches I've seen.

Here’s us with the beautiful mangrove forest (bakawan) in the background. Later in the day, we went over to this area coz there were locals wading among the mangroves which were quite tall. We didn’t see fishes but the folks there caught some small crabs (talangka).

After some prodding the kids did some of the strokes they learned during their summer lessons. Here’s me summoning Renz to float, just like magic! He kinda reminds me of Garfield.

Here’s Renz and I doing the total body float. Later on, I asked the kids to try the "nakahiga sa banig" float where one puts his arms at the back of the head as shown in the later part of this entry.

Renz, DH and I with the mangrove forest in the background.

Except for a slight drizzle early on, it was mostly sunny the whole day.

Sea wigs! And these were fashioned out of floating seaweeds.

Picking up nice shells, live small crabs and selecting pumice stones (panghilod)

Kainan na! Notice the stray dog below who managed to pose for the pic also. What did we have for lunch.

Lesee, there was sweet chicken adobo and some ham. But then everybody else had some adobo of some kind for baon!

Shot from the other side. Notice the lush verdant mountains behind us.

More searching for crabs and shells in this beachgoer's paradise.

Aside from us, there were other trippers (folks who go on tripping to the site). There are plenty of coconuts in the area.

Many of them are being removed to make way for the residential estates. So, if you're looking for your place near the beach, try Porto Laiya!

This might just be what you're looking for. We certainly liked the place.

The incessant cry of “Puwede na po?” asked every 2 minutes by Renz hoping to swim immediately after lunch. The clear water of the beautiful blue sea just beckons him to go back as the weather was perfect for swimming.

After being allowed, Renz starts with his backstroke.

Continuing his backstroke towards DH. With the sea mostly quiet, this place is so ideal for water sports like jetskiing, waterskiing, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba.

Getting ready for the boat ride. We weren’t too lucky with the fishes though. I didn’t expect the boat to head out to open sea.

The banca ride at Anilao just went to the other side of the Anilao cove. Here though, according to the boatman it wasn’t safe to stay near the beach coz of the shallow rocks and so had to stay far out.

It was a bit choppy and water started to get in the banca. That was a bit scary at first until the boatman stopped the motor altogether.

We saw many fishes but nobody dived. I realized the banca didn’t have a ladder. And it wasn’t big enough to be stable.

Soon, Karen and Che became dizzy and we didn’t stay any longer. Here’s a tip. When it’s the rainy season, take the boat ride in the morning.

In the afternoon, the sea becomes choppy. Dada and Renz on the other hand didn’t mind the sea at all. The two enjoyed dipping their feet in the water, feeling the rush of waves as the banca cruised along.

Back at the beach, there were locals selling a strange looking fish (to me, anyway). These were selling for around 15 a piece. The body wasn’t flat at all and was actually a bit round.

Here’s a close-up of the head. Look at those teeth! Anybody knows what fish this is?

Anyway, after a brief shower, we were done with Porto Laiya – tired yet very happy. We left at around 4pm and reached Pacita Complex a little past 6pm.

Hey, if you’d like to get your place in the sun, residential lots are selling like hotcakes at Porto Laiya. It’s still at pre-selling stage and so now is the best time to take advantage of low prices! Click here for Porto Laiya's website.

Rated: Highly Recommended !!!

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