New Dog

Sorry for the long absence. We’ve been having some internet problems at home.

We got a new dog! She’s a purebreed askal and imported all the way from Pampanga! The owners (Elvis) said she’ll make a good guard dog.

I hope she will. I thought we’d call her “Lucky” coz the owner’s son took her to our house in Pampanga in a “Lucky Me – Pancit Canton” empty box.

But the kids had other choices: "Daisy", "KC", even “Tricycle”. Finally, we all settled for “Pootchie”.

After our trip from Pampanga, the dog was just too stressed or tired that she slept most of the time. Renz tripped and scraped his chin on the road while walking to church.

On the homefront, there have been plenty of developments.

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