House Update: Roofing, Staircase, Driveway

The roof insulation as well as part of the long span roofing have been installed. The ridge roll hasn't been installed yet.

Our humble house is slowly taking shape in between two behemoths. Of course unlike the two houses on both sides, our house will be brighter with natural lighting and more ventilated with the side windows. This is because we didn’t firewall on either side.

DH treating the soil where it meets the concrete wall with anti-termite (Wazary). I removed the sprinkler head and taped a thin hose in its place. This way there wouldn't be much waste when pouring out the solution.

DH brushing the underside of the stair carriage with Solignum colorless. Most Sundays, this is what we do. We take advantage of the workers not being there and do some treatment of our own.

View of the staircase skeleton from the family hall. The red object is the pile of uninstalled ridge rolls. The landing on the left is made of concrete.

View of the garage and Ronan’s chicken. This is also where the window moldings are being formed.

Turning to the right, here’s the living room’s sliding window of the living room and part of the porch.

Turning further to the right is part of the driveway.

The swing-in of the gate has been a request of mine even before the architect went vacationing. Imagine my surprise recently when the foreman told me swing-in couldn’t be done.

Apparently they thought the car would take up much space and so I asked the foreman to measure it. Turns out, it was much much shorter than they estimated.

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