House Update: Windows, Flooring, Ceiling

Much has been completed on the second floor. The windows have been delivered and installed. The thing is though, the windows with fire escape panels were incorrectly installed. I had asked the windows fabricator to make 2 windows with fire escape panels.

And he did deliver.

The problem is one of the 2 was placed where the glass blocks should be. It had to be pulled out and now is an extra. Somebody wrongly counted the number of windows(?). The other one was installed in the bedroom of the first floor. Yeah, I suppose none of the workers even checked the windows. Grrr…

So I asked the foreman to just weld the one at the first floor bedroom and have the fabricator create a fire escape panel on the Family Hall window. Here’s the floor ready for pouring. Vinyl planks will be installed here. We had a bad experience with wooden parquet at the old house. Some insects (termites? bukbok?) just gobbled up the wood tiles!

The ceiling’s all done. The Mapecon team will be back tomorrow morning before 9am to treat the ceiling, terrace and porch. Let’s hope THAT’s what they’ll actually do.

One thing I pointed out to the architect are personal stuff the workers do. They create these cement stoves from the excess (hopefully) mortar. I kept saying that excess mortar be put in gaps at the old concrete fence (Nina's side). It's okay if they create one for their cooking at the site. But I've already seen THREE of these! Grrr...

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