House Update: Closets, Bay Windows, Glass Blocks

Some of the closets have been started. The design is fairly simple. Inside the closet is a partition for hanging clothes and another partition for side shelves. There are big drawers at the bottom of the closets.

The table was designed to be like a dresser with a provision for a dresser mirror. Above the table are shelves for books, presumably.

So I don’t think it will be used as a dresser though. A study table is more like it.

The bay windows have been installed and initially, there was some misunderstanding with the window size. Here’s the bay window at the living room with the moldings finished.

Another photo-op when we visited the house before we went to go to Festival to look at furnitures and then later to SM Munti to buy the master room aircon – a ½ horsepower Condura with the energy-saving plug.

The glass blocks we chose for the stairwell have been delivered. The design we chose was Diamond. In some shops, the design is also called Regent, Checkers and Jewel.

At any rate, it looks good and I liked it coz it’s got that prism-like look to it and maybe the morning sun will yield some interesting colors. It also seems to “shimmer” when the light is reflected correctly.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE: I was right. This glass block design DOES yield the prism-like colors. See our glass blocks with prism light effects.

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