Moved Bathroom

The second change suggested by the engineer was the moving of the bathroom from the middle of the floor area towards the back near the laundry room. This proved to be another good idea.

Here’s the old position taken in August 8. The hollow blocks below was supposed to start the bathroom walls. The door is so close to the kitchen window and that makes the counter really short.

The pic below was taken this morning and the kitchen looks much bigger now. With the bathroom gone, the kitchen door (or backdoor) and window were moved to the left thus creating space. I don’t know why the bathroom was proposed to be in the center in the first place. It looks good on paper, but then that would’ve worked if the floor space is really big.

This is a shot of the original work on the proposed plan showing the kitchen and a little of the bedroom. Behind the kitchen is the laundry area.

Here’s the work area now. Since the bathroom has been moved, you’ll see the bathroom door below. The additional window bedroom above has been shut below because of the bathroom’s placement.

Oh, the sacks on the floor contain sand. This is the day that the workers' barracks will be demolished for a new work area.

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