Reworked Bedroom Corner

Ugh, it’s been a long while since I last blogged. There’s just too much stuff going on at work.

Engr. Toti has moved on to his next project in Ayala Alabang and I’m very very glad that he took over while Arch. Nani went vacationing in the U.S. Toti gave some very good suggestions for changes.

One of this was the removal of the proposed water tank from a corner of the house that significantly claimed space from one bedroom. It didn’t make much sense (and I agreed) to allot the space for just a mini-tower for the water tank.

“Give the space to the bedroom”, he said. So, instead of that corner, we’ll be putting the water tank on the top of the existing cistern (concrete water tank).

It’s a lot of rework. But we’d rather do that now, rather regret if for the rest of our stay in the house. Here’s how the bedroom was finished with an odd-looking corner which measured roughly 1 x 1 sq. mtrs.

This was in September 7. Even the steel trusses have been formed to adjust to this corner. See the weird-looking assembly of the trusses above it.

In September 17, we had it demolished. This time, the trusses have been disassembled and reformed to cover that blank corner. With this demolition, there will be no need for the odd-shaped and sized windows that were initially planned.

Here’s how the corner now looks like, September 23. The space has been reclaimed by the bedroom and it’s so much nicer now. It’s more spacious and the bedroom now looks like a regular normal bedroom like the one next to it – whether viewed from the inside or outside.

The windows will also be regular windows and will be uniform with the rest of the bedroom windows. To us, the one and a half months of the architect's vacation (originally scheduled for 2 weeks only) was somewhat a blessing in disguise. And we're thankful Engr. Toti was there. Good luck, Engineer!

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