House Update: Kitchen Cabinets, Window Glass, Toilet Tiles

The basic structures of the closets and tables have been completed and some adjustments had to be done with regards to the placement of electrical outlets.

The study table below for the 3 girls shows the drawers on the right side. This was requested coz they’re all right handed anyway.

Also, the bay window’s seat to the right may be used as study chair as well. With the drawers at the right, the person sitting at the bay window seat won’t be crowded.

But notice the outlet at the right. We foresee the drawers hitting the plugs on this outlet and so we requested for an additional outlet on the left side.

With the closets and tables (study? dresser?) done though unfinished, carpentry has moved to the kitchen cabinets.

There’s a new (to me, anyway) of securing glass panes to steel casement windows. Here, glass clips were used instead of the more well-known clay putty.

The nice thing about clay putty is it’s relatively cheap and easy to install. It also looks good once finished. The problem is after several years, some parts of of the putty begin to crack.

Some even become too dirty with fungi when it gets wet often.

Glass clips are made of aluminum and are secured in place using a glass sealant. It looks clean when installed.

Ten additional glass blocks have been installed at the stairwell below the existing rectangular pattern. These additional glass blocks were added follow the stair pattern.

Lepanto ceramic tiles have started to rise in the toilet at the second floor.

The old gate has been removed so the left post can be prepared for the new gate. Maybe a bit too far, but notice how ‘clean’ the glass clips look on all the bay windows. Tegula tiles and concrete mouldings have been completed.

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