Birthday 2008

Meetings, meetings.

I was practically at the Calamba office the whole afternoon yesterday. Good thing I managed to reach the Carmona office just in time to get the Baked Lasagna I ordered from the cafeteria. It was a half-pan worth Php250 and good for 15 persons.

So what did Tita Gay and I have for this year’s celebration at the renthouse?

Lessee, from left to right at the pic above, we had the Baked Lasagna, a piece of leftover pork chop, pork barbecue, lechon paksiw and my favorite cake Marjolaine from Red Ribbon. I’ve been raving about this cake here and here and for me it’s the best bang for the buck among all cakes.

But that’s just me though – coz the kids insisted on Rocky Road. Hey, whose birthday is it anyway? Too bad Karen didn’t make it in time as they were busy with an AP project at Munsci.

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i-Observer said...

Happy Birthday Les! Good health and more to come!

Blackdove said...

Thanx, Observations!