United Nations Parade 2008

Today, being United Nation’s Day, the IJMC school celebrated the usual United Nations Day.

Customarily, the students wear an attire of the country they're representing (or something close to it!). They then parade down the streets outside of the school.

Here’s Renz wearing a made-up Indonesian garb as he represented Indonesia. He's sitting on a deadwood at the back of the renthouse.

There were only a few who were actually in costumes, so in the parade, it was Renz who led the boys. Here’s Renz with Ira and Nicole with their costumes.

The 3pm sun was too hot though and most kids were feeling the heat. Here’s Renz, tired and complaining, as they were rounded up our street.

I was at Calamba for meetings and good thing DH was there since she was on CL.

Update: Renz would revive a similar attire costume in the 2009 United Nations Day.

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