All Souls Day 2008

This year we left early at 8:30am for Makati. Che and Karen had dentist appointments at 3pm and so we had to make sure we make it on time.
The usual bored-looking group - well 'cept for Renz.

The kids took the camera and took pics also. Here's one with a Hersheys Kisses umbrella.

Renz and Uncle Sam daydreaming contemplating. This year, we settled for a few chips and crackers.

A couple of smiles and Renz escapes from the camera frame.

We attempted to go and take Mama, Uncle Carling and Auntie Roslyn to Manila Memorial Park in Sucat, but the traffic was just horrendous and so we just dropped them at the gate. We were already late for Che and Karen’s dentist appointments.

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