Shoulder Injury Improving VERY Slowly

Goodness. I thought it’ll never improve. The last therapy session I had (the “graduation” session) was last July. It’s been 3 months and it’s only NOW that I’m feeling a better sense of relief! It’s really taking a long long time. I was becoming hopeless that I thought of getting an MRI to the point of talking to Eduard (officemate) for details.

As it turns out, he too went to Dr. Betty Mancao for consultation and therapy. And he said to give it MORE time because his shoulder took like 5 to 6 months to completely heal. Whoa!

This past few days was like a milestone coz I’ve definely felt a better range of motion when putting my right arm overhead. In fact my right arm can bend overhead backwards enough to scratch my back. Of course it helps if I warm it up a little bit.

Now, I'm able to stretch my back and arms at the office. Stretching was still painful last week. Also, I can now sleep much much better at home.

Here’s what I’ve noticed that helped so far in my recovery.
  1. Quit swimming temporarily.
  2. Take some anti-inflammatory pain-relievers like Mobic when there is pain only.
  3. Warm up the shoulder and the back before stretching and doing the therapy exercises.
  4. Do the CORRECT therapy exercises - this to me sped-up the healing process. (more on this in another entry).

And then I stumbled on a thread in a discussion forum for swimmers how shoulder physical therapy takes quite some time. The thread to the forum may be seen here and a snippet to that thread is show below:

Gosh, six months? But with what I’ve experience firsthand, I suppose the estimate isn't far-fetched.

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