House Update: Room Colors, Family Hall Tiles, Clearing Operations

Officially, the finishing part of the construction commenced when the completion was at 75% of cost. And that was in October (with 3 months to go). So that gives you an idea how long the “finishing” part is. Completion now is at 90%.

The cabinets in the dirty kitchen have been built. This is on the outside and is vulnerable and so I applied much Solignum Colorless here.

The painter (Nilo) was not too keen on the treatment coz a little of the brown solignum applied on the ceiling joist had trickled down to the ceiling in the bedroom upstairs and making tiny spots. So he had to cover those spots.

Well, the brown solignum wasn’t my idea. For all the wood parts (termite food) that I treated I only used Colorless.

Tiling on the family hall has started and I like the tile color. The stairs is at the right.

Tilework on the toilet on the second floor has been completed including the floor strainers.

Painting of the rooms has been started. Nobody really “owns” the rooms for now. All the paints are by Davies and we chose Ballerina (pink), Merry Mint (green), Sea Sprinkle (blue) and Yellow Bouquet (yellow).

The green room with the beautiful morning sunshine in.

The blue room that sometimes has a shade of violet in it – which was what Renz wanted.

The big pink room showing the study table and two bay windows. The third bay window is out of sight.

And the yellow room downstairs, showing the newly delivered wooden steps for the staircase.

Here’s DH for another soil-treating session with Dursban. Mapecon has had 5 visits so far and the 6th for the untreated perimeter will probly be the last. That’s Ronan (the nightwatch) having breakfast. The clearing operation has started and the wooden scaffoldings were taken down.

Most of the debris at the back has been removed – and the workers’ toilet is all that remains. Imagine our surprise last night when Ronan announced the presence of a termite colony at the corner where the big old Kamias plant stood.

He claims to even taken out the queen termite he called “nanay ng anay” which he estimated to be 4 cm long. And that’s why we’re here early in the morning - to treat that corner.

Here’s our old concrete water tank (cistern). The grill guys have also put in the iron ladder and support for the new stainless water tank above the cistern. The single monkey bar even became a folding point for the iron ladder.

Here’s the small laundry area next to the cistern. It has no wooden ceiling. That’s DH cleaning her fingers with Kamias fruits.

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