Shoulder Home Physical Therapy

In a recent entry, I specifically mentioned CORRECT exercises that helped rehabilitate my right shoulder.

For a couple of months, I’ve only done dumbbell weight exercises and the occasional internal and external rotation as shown in this entry. The dumbbell weight exercises are shown here.

Another is the modified dumbbell front raise. It’s essentially the shoulder front raise but with the arm bent at roughly 135 degrees (angle inside elbow).

These are the exercises that were suggested by the Physical Therapist for my right shoulder. Somehow the pain in my front right shoulder persisted.

And then I thought of the OTHER exercises that I did when I had therapy for the left shoulder. These are the stretching and strengthening exercises that use stretch cords. I have them shown here and here.

I thought of these exercises because I imagined that the reason my right shoulder pain persists is because of muscle imbalance. I conjectured my front shoulder was getting stronger while the back part lagged behind. Well, just after a week of these stretch cord exercises, I felt much relief and improvement with my right shoulder!

I no longer feel the pain in the right shoulder when I stretch my arms, shoulders and back in the office. I’m better able to raise my right shoulder overhead. And the best of all is I’m able to sleep better as I don’t feel the pain I used to when I turn and lie on my right shoulder.

The right shoulder pain hasn’t completely disappeared. But with this improvement, I’m more hopeful that it will recover completely. I already miss swimming badly.

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