Typhoon Quinta Disaster

Ugh. Just when I thought that the new house is nearing completion and we’ll be able to move soon, disaster happens.

Earlier typhoon Quinta decided to make a U-turn and came back with a vengeance. With it came a very heavy downpour especially in the Muntinlupa area last night. The renthouse we’re occupying isn’t just suited for that much amount of rain. The dirty kitchen quickly became flooded and rose so high that the water entered the dining and living room. Ugh.

I later learned DH went home earlier to help out Tita Gay in clearing out the water from inside the house. When I came home almost everything was wet.

Here’s how the living room looked like with all the wet clutter that we took out from the carton boxes. Renz helped out (well, play mostly) sort out stuff amidst the clutter.

More of the waterlogged stuff from the flash flood.

Here's the bodega where we stored the boxes. Not even the raised platform we assembled and supported by dumbbell and barbell weight plates was enough to keep the boxes dry. Who would have thought!

We even had guests (mice!) residing in one of the boxes – the swim stuff box. And there were five mice in there! No wonder we never ran out of mice scurrying around.

The styrofoam-made stuff like pull buoy and kickboards were the ones damaged. Tita Gay and I took turns swatting and pounding the mice. She used a fly swatter and I used an old 3-ring binder. We did manage to kill all 5 though.

Renz hangs on to Tita Gay just in case a mouse springs back to life and sudddenly lunges at him.

Renz just found our resolve to kill all the mice hilarious. Yup, high time that he found some action after the depressing sight of the wet clutter.

Here, DH is a bit squeamish in transferring the dead mice into the plastic bag.

Of course Renz still manages to smile at the camera, STILL finding everything funny. As for me, well, I think I'm ready to move out of this place.

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