Happy Birthday Sandra 2008

Yup, after exactly a week (7 days) from Che’s birthday, it’s Sandra’s turn.

This time we had Chinese takeout: It’s mostly assorted cold cuts, century egg, dumplings, seaweeds and sweetish asado pork (yummy). We also had inihaw na tainga and spaghetti.

Sandra chose S’Mores from Red Ribbon (shown above). It's unusually decked with marshmallows and it’s good – but hey, it’s still Marjolaine for me!

While Sandra prepares to pose for the camera, Renz gives the cake the “evil eye”.

The kids minus Karen, who was away for the usual school practice.

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arGlene said...

Hello Sir. I thought you're having a blog hiatus. How are you po?

Hope you'd be blogging again soon! :)