House Update: Toilet Fixtures, Stair Railing, Flintstones

The girls’ room looks really nice especially with how the red color of the neighbor’s wall emphasizes the pink color of the room.

The toilet fixtures have been installed. These include the lavatory, water closet, shower head, toilet paper holder and soap dish. Hmmm, no towel bar and no shower curtain rod.

The Narra bed has been taken up to the green room already. I’ve been reiterating this before coz that bed is damned heavy. So I suggested that they take it up to the room while the stair railings have not yet been installed. Good thing they followed my suggestion.

Coz the next day after taking the bed up, the railings were installed. Look at those railings. It’ll be very difficult to take the heavy bed over those.

Karen ducks her head to avoid that bar somebody put while the wooden king posts set in the cement with short steel bars anchoring them at the bottom.

Renz looks a bit taller below coz he was jumping – still crazy over his room. I suppose he likes it a lot! That’s the view of the stairs from his room.

The house façade now with some flintstones in place on the bay windows. That’s Mang Dods, the foreman washing his bike. He came on a Sunday for some sideline work.

Poochie's still reeling over that accident last night where she was hit by a tricycle. Can't really say it was the tricycle driver's fault though. Poochie's notoriously hyper and she simply darted out the gate last night as DH and the kids were leaving for SM. I must say I was saddened by the incident though.

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