J-S Prom at Ayala Alabang Country Club

It was also my last day at the office when Che and Karen held their JS Prom. This time it's Karen as the Junior and Che as the Senior.

Due to some stupidity at the office with the computations and last minute endorsements, I didn’t get home earlier. Good thing I still managed to retrieve the half pan Baked Lasagna and Pancit Canton from the canteen which I got for my last swipe amount.

After picking up Czarina, we got to the Country Club a little past 6pm and left the two there. We came back at around 1am and took some pics.

I would've taken more pictures but after a looonngg night at the prom, the two weren't in the mood for more pics.
Other pics taken by the kids during the prom.

Going home with us were Gemma, Gladys, Czarina, Pauline and a few more.

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