Visit from the Amkor Barkads

After Irene was released from the company last Feb. 6, several Amkor friends came by to visit (to cheer her up?) our new house.

First batch to come, and early at 4:30 pm were Coring, Meng, Recie, Menchie, Sbern and Naty. They brought yummy Amber Palabok.

Merly and Alice arrived as the gang were about to eat. What did we have? Hmmm, there was tasty barbecue from Pampanga, liempo (not my special recipe, unfortunately), lumpiang togue, fetuccini carbonara,

Of course everybody had a brief tour around the house. Later in the evening, others arrived: Ronnie, Emma J., Teng, Cora, Loida, Minyang, Jacyn and others.

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